I make ceramic sculptures that are shaped by the interplay of masses and voids. Absence and presence, light and shadow, stasis and motion are subject matter. The dimensional tension and dynamics of human figures found in Greek and Buddhist temple pediments, and most recently, the structural flatness and synthesis of planar shapes in Cubist still life paintings intrigue me.

The rich, tonal subtleties of winter hues that I experience in Allegany County are sources for color: slate grays, deep rusts, and cool tans. The subdued colors and sand-like glazed surfaces direct the focus to other issues and create ambiguities about visual and tactile perceptions.

My process for discovery and making has been a layered and organic pursuit. The interior and exterior curves of cylinders and cones in concert with the angles and directions of edges and planes - these elements are infinitely connectable and interchangeable in time and space.

- Anne Currier

About Anne's porcelain cups: utilitarian objects are unique, individually designed, and fabricated in the artist’s studio. Porcelain and glazes are non-toxic and dishwasher safe. Great individually or as a set. 

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